How can I contact the Committee?

comité de expertos

Contact telephone : 902 820 987

Enviar un correo

Calls will be diverted by rotation to all Committee members, ensuring beforehand that there is no conflict of interests in terms of the clients of each member of the Committee of Experts.

You can also directly contact your choice of any of the experts via the contact number given on each of their professional profiles.

What are the Committee's fees?

The fee tariff system corresponds to the principle of hourly rates which are calculated based on the categories of the persons who are entrusted with each matter, although it is possible to arrange partially or fully finalised quotes. This matter must be negotiated with the Committee member who you wish to contact.

In no cases will the first consultation involve any fees.

What do members of the Committee of Experts have that other lawyers specialising in franchising do not?

Dedication – in the majority of cases, almost exclusive dedication - to the resolution of cases linked to franchising and commercial distribution, along with a distinguished professional trajectory.

Committee members have been unanimously chosen by the AEF Board of Directors to be part of said Committee. The members are committed to personally taking care of the cases.

What happens if the expert is also the lawyer of the franchise holder or franchisor with whom there is a dispute?

The Committee member in question will abstain from giving advice in the matter, providing the contact details of the other members so that the interested party can freely choose another specialist.

Do the Committee services also include assistance at court hearings?

The Committee offers free initial assistance in the form of a consultation and based on this, if it is deemed appropriate to go into further detail or to initiate any legal proceedings, it will be necessary to make an official professional contract with the law firm of which the expert is part.


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